One of the main specialties at Revitalized Services is our junk out services. But its also a service that many people may not immediately understand or be aware of. This blog post helps explain what a junk out (also known as a clean out) is, the situations for which a junk out might be needed, and some of the services involved in a junk out operation.

Put simply, a junk out is a large-scale cleaning project that requires the removal of mass amounts of materials, with a cleanup to follow afterwards. A junk out could involve cleaning an entire home, an outdoor area like a yard, or a building or residence that is undergoing foreclosure. From clutter in an attic or basement, to an abandoned house full of items that have to be removed before renovation can take place, junk outs are essential for providing property owners with a clean slate.

One of our most frequently requested junk out services is for foreclosure situations. Banks, property management companies, and independent property managers often come to us for help with cleaning out buildings and spaces from which occupants have recently been ejected. These individuals may leave spaces in states of disarray; whether purposefully or not, a thorough cleaning is needed to bring a foreclosed property back to an acceptable state.

Most junk out operations require the removal and disposal of items that are unwanted or abandoned. Most providers use large trucks for trash collecting at the property. At Revitalized Services, we employ only the best, most qualified technicians to help execute our junk out jobs. This is to both ensure that the areas are properly cleaned, as well as to make sure the home isnt damaged while items are removed. Once that step has been completed, we perform a thorough cleaning of the property. In some cases, the addition of fresh coats of paint is required. A quality junk out service should result in a property that is properly cleaned and presentable, ready to be rented or sold by the property owner.

When it comes to the service Revitalized Services offers, we are able to provide either one quote for a single project, or a quote that is broken down into many for larger projects. Our team oversees every aspect of the work, and we only hire qualified and experienced workers. For more information about our junk out services, or any of our other services, please call or drop us a line, and well be happy to help!