Anyone living in Grand Rapids knows that when it comes to winter, you need to be prepared. While we tend to remember to get new snow tires, pull the heavy coats out of storage, and to make sure every car in the family is equipped with an ice scraper, we often overlook how the cold season affects our homes. Until something goes wrong, that is. The best way to avoid problems is to take preventative measures from the start. Winterizing services for your home can help avoid costly problems down the road; and if you work with a professional, the benefits you can look forward to are even greater.

A big problem that arises during the cold months is pipes that freeze and burst. This can cause great damage, and usually happens when the home is unoccupied, due to extended absences related to the holidays. The most effective way to prevent this from happening is to drain anything and everything that might be susceptible to bursting. This includes the pipes themselves, but also toilets, appliances, and hot water heaters. Adding antifreeze to all sink drains, traps, and toilets will also help prevent an unpleasant surprise when you return from Christmas vacation. That being said, its probably a good idea to label plumbing as winterized, just in case someone stops in while youre away.

When most people think of winter, one word pops into their heads: snow. Shoveling week after week can seem like an endless struggle. By employing a professional, dedicated snow removal service, you can avoid the hassle of shoveling yourself, while also maintaining a more beautiful appearance for your home and property. Snow removal services can save you time and energy regarding your private residence, and can be extremely beneficial for owners of rental properties and businesses as well.

Removing snow from your home or businesss roof can also help prevent damage resulting from leaks or cave-ins. To most effectively clear a roof, work with professionals who will remove all the snow from the area, not just the lower half. While clearing lower portions is important and helps avoid gutter collapse, it only deals with part of the problem. By working with a dedicated service, you can establish a plan tailored to your specific property.

Quality winterizing services not only keep your home safe during the coldest months, it also makes the transition into the warmer seasons easier. If you have any questions about Revitalized Services Winter Guard service, or any of our other services, please call or drop us a line. Were always happy to help!